Oakwood Estates is a cooperative, registered with the State of Florida as a corporation. A resident is also a shareholder in the corporation. Oakwood Estates has a number of properties for sale. Listed below are the current properties available and the contact realtor. Residents are free to choose thier own realtor. The prices shown include the share price of $33,000. A contact number for the realtor is also listed. Questions may be directed to the Oakwood office at 863-299-5696. Office hours: Monday through Friday, 9AM - 1PM. The office is closed Saturday, and Sunday.


NOTE: All homes on the list below are provided by the realtors. Oakwood Estates is not responsible for the accuracy of the information.



Updated 6/12/24

Lot # Pet Address Agency Price Contact
N/A   N/A N/A N/A N/A
160 Pet 4117 Sprucewood Coldwell Banker $135,000 573-450-1679
221   4243 Cedarwood Coldwell Banker $119,000 573-450-1679
9   4017 Rolling Oaks Coldwell Banker $139,000 573-450-1679
374   4533 Redwood Coldwell Banker Pending 573-450-1679
223   4247 Cedarwood Coldwell Banker $94,900 573-450-1679
292   4338 Cherrywood Coldwell Banker $92,000 573-450-1679
198   4110 Sprucewood Coldwell Banker Pending 573-450-1679
328   4437 limewood Coldwell Banker $100,000 573-450-1679
N/A   N/A N/A N/A N/A
331   4443 Limewood Dalton Wade $139,000 000-000-0000